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Kawai KS5F/NS-20A/K25/K50

Posted By: Eepu

Kawai KS5F/NS-20A/K25/K50 - 01/25/04 10:46 PM

What a great forum!!
I've spent most of my weekend reading forum and searching information about a piano I want to buy.

Here is the thing. I've planned to buy a nice grand piano some years later when we move into a house. But I met a student who wants to take piano lesson from me (I'm a piano major. Had to sell my grand when I moved to USA.) and I don't have a piano at home. Well, I decided to buy a decent upright piano now instead of years later, but don't have money saved up for this occasion. Before I went out to try some of pianos, I was going to buy a economic but O.K. used piano (around 1K-2K). However, I realized that it was very hard and there was none around this area.

Among many pianos I tried, I liked Kawais better than Yamakas. Here are options that I'm considering.
Kawai NS-20A (49") - 8 yrs. - $ 3900
Kawai K-25 - New - $ 3800
Kawai KS5F (I believe 52") - 20 yrs. - $ 2600

I haven't tried any K-50 yet which I think I would like a lot. A dealer said NS-20A would be comparable to K-50. I liked sound and touch of both NS-20A and KS5F (haven't tried K-25 yet). Then all three are from different shops, so it's kind of hard to correctly compare among these.

My questions are
1) which one is the best deal (cost vs. quality)?
2) Any information about KS5F or NS-20A ?
3) I'm somewhat attracted to KS5F b/c of the price. Is it worth a buying 20 yrs old piano for the price?

Thanks in advance.
Posted By: PIANOS007

Re: Kawai KS5F/NS-20A/K25/K50 - 01/25/04 11:54 PM

The Kawai NS-20 is a great piano. I have serviced many of them and found them to be a very warm sounding upright. They are well made and a good value.
Yamaka????????? (holding my tongue) not gonna make a jewish joke out of that one (giggle)
Posted By: Eepu

Re: Kawai KS5F/NS-20A/K25/K50 - 01/27/04 12:20 AM

Thanks, Pianos0007! I liked the sound and touch of NS-20. However, I may get a good deal on K-50 which I really like.

How risky is it to buy a "new piano" you haven't tried? Would it be O.K. to sign the contract and have it be delivered to the house without trying?
Posted By: yraglac

Re: Kawai KS5F/NS-20A/K25/K50 - 01/30/04 07:24 PM

For most of the Japanese piano the QC are very goood.
But why can you try first?
Posted By: Axtremus

Re: Kawai KS5F/NS-20A/K25/K50 - 01/30/04 08:09 PM

Posted By: Eepu

Re: Kawai KS5F/NS-20A/K25/K50 - 02/01/04 02:11 AM

I want to thank you for all your input!!!

Finally I made a decision and bought a new K-50 for 4600 (with tax, delivery and 1st tuning).

It was more than I planned to spend. However, considering the quality of the piano, I think it is definitely worth a buying.

Now I can't wait to have it in my house. I'll let you know how I like it in two weeks.

Thanks!! laugh
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