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Posted By: KawaiDon Changing of the Guard at Steinway - 10/25/11 06:31 PM
I thought some here might be interested in this change:


Don Mannino
Posted By: LoPresti Changing of the Guard at Steinway - 10/26/11 02:59 AM

There was a recent thread here on the Forum about a newly-appointed Director to the Board at Steinway. While this individual sported an impressive cirriculum vitae, his primary discipline was accounting; and there was no mention at all of any musical connection.

Several of us expressed disappointment - not that our opinion(s) makes one ounce of difference.

Certainly, these PR announcements, like your link, are slanted toward Wall Street, and impressing the financial community. Still, it would be nice if they were to give a nod in the direction of those who purchase the very products that keep this company viable.

Ed LoPresti

Posted By: bbuckis Re: Changing of the Guard at Steinway - 10/26/11 09:41 PM
Not much of a guard change. Same good old boy network.
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