Hi all,
I posted it on the "Pianist corner" but got no response.....
I am very curious what you think of the following performances:

Mewton wood Chopin PC#2 from 1948 and Pelleg Mozart
#20 (19??, does anyone know?) :


Do you like the performance of Chopin #2?
(I do....)

The Pelleg Mozart (see the "leftover" section on the
was sent to me by a historic records collector, and I commented at about the
The performance reminds me a bit of the complete
Mozart sonata�s by Klara Wurtz on brilliant classics;
faithful to the score literary. I compared the Wurtz
Mozart sonata�s with Haskil�s performance, with the
sheet music on my lap. Haskil �does� a lot with the
music (dynamic markings!), while Wurtz just plays what
Mozart notes. But.....
Why isen�t it boring then? Because there is a �drive�
in Wurtz�s performance. Timing and small dynamic
variances of the 16 and 32 note passageworks are
brilliant. And that�s exactly what Pelleg is missing
in the kv 466 concerto...... He can tell a story,
gives phrases �breath�, but when it comes to giving
accents and rapid fingerwork, he becomes very dull. A
while ago I had a performance of Beethoven�s 4th
pianoconcerto on my site played by Fridrich Wuhrer. He
also had a �strange� way of doing the rapid passages
mechanically. But somehow it did not bother, creating
a sort of �structure� for the performance by
contrasting it with other passages and at least giving
a larger dynamic line in these �laps of 32�s� .
Nonetheless.... I always like it
to hear a completely unknown performer, even if hi
playing is not of the very highest standard.
I have to add, that it is a bit weird that he tightens
up in the cadenza's.
Especially in the short one in the 3rd mvt. He really
plays free there, and when Mozart kicks in again, it's
like he sits straight and plays in his "stiff
upper lip" mode again...

Am I talking rubbish..... or do you agree?