There includes, a piece by brother, some pieces (midi or mp3) arranged by ourselves and a Classical piece.

For the medley for the graduation dinner - Live performance, please refer to

Jay - Nocturne, a piano improvisation by my brother, Benson.
It is a pop song in Taiwan.

The sound of music medley - w/vocal, a medley for piano four hands and vocals arranged by us for a charity show.
The Sound of Music->Edelweiss->Do-Re-Mi
For Details of artists, please refer to the description there.

The sound of music medley - the same as above but without vocals. As it was not the final version, a section was not included.

5'58" medley for graduation dinner - you can refer to the other topic. This is a version for piano four hands only.

Song composed for graduation dinner. (by Benson)
In fact it is a midi.
It is totally different from the medley as it is for the whole graduation dinner, but not a show for our class.

3 sight readings for recorder, played by me and Benson together. The quality is not so good.

Schubert - Military March (Piano four hands)
played by us.

"Don't Blame Her" - a pop song in Hong Kong.
It is arranged by us for piano solo, and played by us together as we don't want to spend time practising. (It is not easy)

Jay - QiLiXiang - a midi made by us, it was a really large-scale project.

Leo - GoldSong
It is a pop medley in Hong Kong.
Recorder played by us, it is not a duet, only in unison.

Twins - Kites and Wind
It is a pop song for 2 persons in Hong Kong.
Recorder Duet, we played one role each

What a Small World
I think everyone knows this song.
This recording by 4 singers in Hong Kong is quite new to you I think.
It is played by recorders by us, some duet parts included.