Hi! My name is Melanie Saunders, known to the music world (okay, to a few of you at least :-) ) as pop/dance/freestyle artist Melody. (I play keys and sing.)I am not sure this is the right group to place this in but I really need the honest feedback from other musicians who know music and the world about which I have been writing- a creative nonfiction book about my experiences in the entertainment field, entitled "Dreams Don't Die". I have included the summary below. It, the complete outline and several excerpts can be found on my official web site along with my bio resume and photos.


Should you find the time and interest in reviewing my work, I appreciate it very much and thank you!


Melanie Saunders
Aka "Melody"



By Melanie J. Saunders

Memoir/Creative Nonfiction: Comprised of actual journals, this is the true story of one ambitious young woman who overcomes extraordinary odds in her quest to find herself and her place in the music world as freestyle artist "Melody".

Warm, witty, shocking and sexy, "Dreams Don't Die" provides a rare inside view of life as an up and coming entertainer in all of its grit and glory. Set primarily on Long Island in the 1990's this brutally honest memoir details the personal and professional exploits of not only the author but a number of her now famous friends with whom she shared a dream. It is an unusual story of survival and self-discovery--a journey that takes the reader well beyond the backstage door and into the heart, mind and soul of a young woman determined to make something of herself despite the many obstacles set against her. Initially shy and insecure, she is an unlikely heroine. Surviving near-fatal physical and mental illness, the devastation of divorce and challenges of single parenthood, she learns that her greatest accomplishment will be not in entertainment but in the conquering of fear and the attainment of self-reliance. This uncommon account-which also follows her public search for her birth mother and famous birth father- is likely to appeal to a wide audience from the young to the young at heart, to those interested in pop culture and everyone who have ever dreamed of stardom and aspired to health & happiness....