I recorded these yesterday afternoon....


Songs are Marcia alla Turca by Beethoven, La Priere d'une Vierge by Badarzewska, Well Tempered Clavier by Bach and Nocturne Op 9 No 2 by Chopin.

I'd like to learn some more complicated ones (and those songs DO have some room for improvement, too). I think my piano's bad regulation (letoff averaging 1", blow distance circa 3", damper regulation all over the place, key dip also all over the place, etc) and lackluster tone (doesn't have that sizzle that I like in '50s Hamilton & Wurlitzer studios, bass is way too weak, muddy, too-short sustain, not enough clarity, etc (or have I played the Rubenstein R-371 too much)) is holding me back, though.

Also, I'd like to make some better recordings, of classical songs, and also some gospel / hymn type music. Besides the fact that my piano has a horrible tone IMO (partially due to the hammers being worn almost down to the molding in the bass), it should be easy to hear some other noises that the piano makes, either due to slightly loose cabinet parts, unregulation, etc. Short of rebuilding the piano or buying a better piano (which might be difficult as the Suzuki T-43C lists in the 2008-09 Fine supplement at $2,587 more than I can afford, and if I get another piano, I'd like a vertical that's better musically than this one would be if it was rebuilt), is there anything I can do about it?

The songs were recorded with my Zoom H2 set on the middle of the music desk (the middle of the piano - the music desk spans almost the entire width of the 64" wide piano). I recorded in 44kHz 16-bit wave format using the rear 120° mics, then encoded to mp3 with LAME, and uploaded. (I didn't use any effects - compressor, limiter, etc. Only thing I did was a forced lowpass filter in Lame at 16.8 kHz, and encoded at 192kbps (default lowpass would have been around 18 or 19kHz, but I've gotten better results by being a little more conservative).

Should I see if I can get a copy of the Yamaha book "50 greats for the piano"? I have audio recordings of the songs, but I'd like to have sheet music of most of them, and I couldn't find some of them on IMSLP.

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