The first 3 are recorded using the famous, from the PW forums anyway, Zoom H4. The remainder of them are from my orginal PC to microphone setup.

The new recordings were done after I had the instrument restrung in the mid to upper treble so it sounds a bit happier. The Zoom actually did a really nice job especially with the nice stereo. The PC-microphone setup had pseudo-stereo - I just duplicated the channel, so they're not as bright. Besides, the old strings are dull, which makes the instrument darker.

The instrument, by the way is tuned around A412-A415 (thereabouts). Contrary to what people believe, you don't notice the difference because everything is relative to each other. D-minor, for example sounds like D-minor.

Here's the program:

Anonymous piece from the early 17-th century England
Anonymous Piece

What if I live for the Love of Thee
What if I live...

With my Love My Life was Nestled
With My Love...

Tocatta No. 19 in D-minor by Jacob Froberger
Tocatta in D-minor

Prelude in C-minor BWV999 by JS Bach

Prelude in C-minor

Fantasie in D-minor K.394 by Mozart


Eventually, as time permits, I am redoing the whole program. The Zoom recordings were a test and they came out pretty good so I'm continuing as time permits