Hello folks,
I posted this on the Pianist Corner forum but received no response. Maybe someone here can help?

Happy New Year folks,
Firstly, thank you to those of you who responded to my posting "Tone! x 3".
I am still trying to digest some of the responses and will be continuing that post in the near future.

Secondly...I have just learned about the church modes...you know Ionian, Dorian, Phrygian...all seven of them. Does anyone know a good line or ditty to help remember these modes and their characteristics? I find that this is the only way that I can remember all this theory stuff, making it fun. Hey! I'm still trying to memorize that various scales and their "tone, tone, semi-tone, etc." patterns.

Pathetic but true. Your advise is appreciated.
I hope to be writing my Grade 2 theory exam soon.
Remember those days? I haven't written an exam in 25 years...I must be reverting.