This post is a follow-up to an earlier one where I was asking for suggestions for additional study material to supplement Faber's Adult Piano Adventures.

Many thanks to Ruth (Archer1) for the suggestion of both Fundamentals of Piano Theory by Keith Snell & Martha Ashleigh as well as Scale Skills by Keith Snell. I have worked my way through the first two theory books and I am going to start the third shortly. These have been a big help and your suggestion was excellent. While I have enjoyed Faber's Adult Piano Adventures the Snell theory books add the little bit of extra background material needed to gain a better understanding of the entire process. I have only been able to get about half way through the first of the scales books because I have been concentrating on Christmas Carols for the last two weeks and I am having a very good time with them. Snell's Scales are quite a challenge, I really can't consider them "a walk in the park", but I do see their value and I will start with them again after the Holiday. Christmas Carols have been great for my sight reading and since I already know the music the timing comes very easily.

I would also like to add that I have purchased the Celebration Series, The Piano Odyssey - Introductory Level as well as accompanying CD by Frederick Harris Music and I will go full steam into that after the Holiday as the Christmas Carols are just too much fun to stop. I started The Piano Odyssey for a few days but it is a big jump from Faber's Adult Piano Adventures and I will have to concentrate on that specifically along with Scales Skills.

Ruth, you have been a major help to me and I wish you and your family a very Happy Holiday and a Healthy New Year.

Best Wishes,

PS, Of note to anyone wishing to locate these resources. - I used Patti Music for the Snell material at 1-800-777-2884, do not e-mail them as they are very slow with their e-mail, use the telephone and they will send you their extensive catalog. Frederick Harris I contacted directly by using their web site - and when the order was totaled they added a nice discount that I did not expect, shipping was minimal. I am looking forward to working with both of these companies in the future.

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