I am willing to work with a piano teacher ( or anyone knowledgeable ) remotely, because I can't find someone locally. Warning, I am a difficult student. Why? Because I think I know what I want, and am looking for just the right teacher to show me what to do next.

My Background: I just turned sixty, and I am retired. I have been taking lessons off and on (mostly off) for over fifty years, ever since I took my first lesson with the nuns at age seven. I consider myself an intermediate player.

At this point, I would like to learn how to play from a Fake Book. Most important, I would like to select REAL songs, then slowly build up a decent sounding arrangement, using the most common techniques. I prefer popular songs, ballads, fifties rock & roll, blues. Jazz not so much, though I'm sure some of the principals apply. Definitely not classical.

How do we transfer knowledge remotely? Well, definitely the instructor needs to be able to create MIDI files of examples, techniques, arrangements, etc. We can exchange MIDI files of lessons, additionally talking on the phone. I don't have a Web Cam yet, but it's a possibility.

Feel free to contact me by email if you would like to try and work with me.

Any thoughts?