I have ventured out to teach while I am in college for my BM, and I have acquired 2 students who are sisters. I am rather excited to be able to teach, and am confident I will do well. I told their mother at the beginning, I would like to select the primers, and wanted each girl to have a primer. After that I didnt hear from her for a few weeks. I received a call and she wants us to begin next week. The girls are already on page 60 of the Denes Agay primer. I am familiar with his collections and various publications but not the primer. I was planning on using John Thompson's Teaching Little Fingers to Play as that is what I have had the most success at with teaching previously.

Any advice or anything I should know about AGAY's book? And should I insist that the girls each have their own primer? I guess they had one lesson for the both of them previously, and I will be giving them each aseparate lesson. The mother knows that I am fairly new to teaching, so I dont want to be taken advantage of, and from speaking to her it doesnt seem to be the case... however I really think they should each have their own books. Is that unreasonable?

Take care and thanks!!

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