To all who offered suggestions for my slow sightreading problem, sincere thanks. I have taken action and am reading currently every day, things that are a bit easy for me...(or anyone for that matter :>( but I see progress.

Of course, there are "good sightreading days" and "not so good sightreading days" but at level 2 and 3 material I see signs of hope. Actually, it is kind of fun so I am reading all the old stuff I used when I was teaching years ago...mostly forgotten now, and some sheets I never did get to use. Anything syncopated gives me the fits but I figure them out. We have a house guest here for a few days and it is kind of embarrasing to play "The Fuzzy Little Puppy" or "Busy Cho Cho" I have discovered the joys of my digital and a headset. :>) .

Hope everyone is well out there. Me, doing well and starting to look for a few more begining adult students. I find them so much fun to work with...and they are SO motivated...and SO insecure. The kids, well they never complain and the excuses are minimal. Adults, they are so afraid to play in front of anyone and the excuses are so numerous and comical. They really brighten my days!

Alan RI AL