The popular Acts of Kindness Cabaret will perform Saturday evening, March 5, 2005 at the Presbyterian Church (330 Laurel Avenue) Highland Park IL, for the benefit of the Music Arts School Scholarship fund. The Acts of Kindness Cabaret will kick off their 2005 season with a new show: Duos and Duets, featuring a selection of popular songs and Broadway favorites.

The troupe consists of cabaret professionals who volunteer to perform for nonprofit causes. They perform at no charge to the sponsoring organization spreading kindness through music to raise significant charitable dollars while increasing the awareness, understanding and enjoyment of cabaret.

Acts of Kindness Duos and Duets is a 2-hour, family-friendly cabaret show that will introduce new people to a little-known, wonderful art form. "... the real art of the cabaret performer lies in the juxtaposition of songs, putting two or three songs together in such a way that new and deeper meanings come to light, the resonance of one song lingering to change the color of the next. At its best, cabaret can amuse, entertain, and inform. It can dazzle you, catch you unawares and make you weep.. The audience participates in a direct, emotional conversation with the artist and leaves feeling contacted and personally touched.

Suggested donations are $20 for adults, $10 for children and $50 for a family of four ($5 for each additional child). For reservations or information call the Music Arts School office at 847-432-8474.

The Music Arts School , located at the 477 Elm Place, Highland Park was founded in 1952 by Mortimer Scheff. It became a nonprofit organization in 2002. “Becoming a non-profit enables us to give the gift of music back to the community that has nurtured us for so long and assures that what we began here 50 years ago will continue long after us,” said Scheff.

Joseph Zoller - 847-831-4788
Rachel Snyder - 847-432-8474