This forum has been really helpful in my search for a new piano. I have come across a Kohler & Campbell KC 647 that was a rental from a piano store. It is one of the bigger Millenium series uprights. It was only used for a few months and the store claims it is a 2006 model. The List price is close to $6K an they are selling it for $3620. The price seems good and the piano is beautiful but I am hesitant based on all the information our there about these big Asian companies buying up American piano names and manufacturing them overseas. Is a Kohler and Campbell (i.e. Samick) a good piano name these days? How do they compare with the Yamahas? Also can anyone can tell me about the Essex that the piano stores are marketing as a inexpensive Steinway? How do they compare. I'd appreciate any and all advice. Thanks!