Have you ever heard the Piano can roll up?

Have you ever heard the Piano can wash by water?

Have you ever heard the Piano can carry anywhere with you?

Now.... It won't be a dream any longer! All you need is only 3 dry battery!!!

Our flexible hand roll piano is a portable silicon electronic piano. It combines the newest science with modern numeral technology on the fingerboard, breaks the concept of general piano, which will bring up the convenient and light & thin roll able piano, with the novelty aspect, unique function and arioso tamber. It is the newest fashion product at present, and with the light & thin design and roll able fingerboard, and it is very convenient to carry and play at anywhere and any moment, which will make you enjoy the music fully.

The below is our TRP49A and TRP61 roll piano's features for your reference:

1. They are just like the classic electronic organ; it can play by itself, no need connect to the PC, it is very convenient to carry with rolling up.
2. With light & thin aspect design, compact and beauty.
3. The international normal musical scale demands will bring you the normal sounds.
4. Input 100 kinds different tambers for your choices.
5. Input 20 kinds of style rhythm, and may adjust the speed of each rhythm.
6. With input 10-demo music for your study and enjoy the sutra chef-d?oeuvre.
7. 3 bit blue LED nixie tube display
8. Vibrato setup will enhance the effect of all tambers.
9. Input speaker with tamber fruity and silvery.
10. Connect head phone with the outer sounder.

FYI, now we have sucessfully developed three types of flexible hand roll pianos as shown on our website: http://www.tianyutek.com/ArticleShow.asp?ArticleID=710

61 Keys Flexible Hand Rolling Piano TRP61
49 Keys Flexible Hand Rolling Piano TRP49A
49 Keys Flexible Hand Rolling Piano TRP49

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