hi ... trying to validate right decision.

I'm trying to determine fair prices for piano ... that might be like asking if you've seen the holy grail.

My budget is/was ~10K

-Local dealer offering me Pramberger G157 (5'2") for 11K
- Internet posting seem to be less like a Pramberger G175 (5'9") for 8K

I don't play but two of my kids do - 13 and 16. The 16 year old will continue to play as it seems like passion. I personally love listening.

I'm leaning towards local dealer as they have been around for a while and have solid reputation.

- Is 11K for Pramberger a fair or good price?
- Should I stick with local dealer versus trying to purchase over the internet?

thanks for help.
michael ... aka babyGrandBuyer