I am looking for a piano for my family. My daughter has been playing for a couple years and my son just picked up the instrument (he's pretty strong!).
I have seen a couple pianos. One being pushed is a 1 yr old May Berlin 121, which Larry Fine rates as a group 4a. Another is a slightly older (2002) Kawai K30. Others include a Yamaha U3 (early 1982) and a Kawai US50 (1987). All are in very nice shape and all about the same price and with warranties.

I have seen posts on most of these pianos, but only a few on May Berlin. Also, what is the take on a < 10 yr old piano with solid rep vs 25-30yr old well maintained piano.

Lastly, a friend has a Kawai US 63 that I can't find much info on. 1987 date searched on blue book. He wants it for just a little more. He has maintained it and a tech looked at it and said that it was in very good shape, but I can't find much info on this piano. I would like to work with my friend, but having a warranty appeals to me and I don't want a problem with the piano cause problems with our friendship.