Thanx for all the very valuable inputs re the Baldwin Model L I'm also considering. I have an ad running locally on another forum looking for a grand and received the following from a local piano tech.

He's rebuilding a 1912 Lester 6'4" grand, cabinet in Walnut or Mahogany and identical to the Steinway O and A in appearance, using Renner components, solid ebony for the black keys, plastic for white keys (vs ivory - my preference also!), hand-rubbing the finish, complementing with new artist's bench and offering monthly tunings for a year to stabilize everything, and offering voicing to my preference.

He seems very confident of the quality of both the original Lester grands as well as what he predicts for his final product.

I'd like your input re thoughts of quality, projected value of such a venture, etc. I'm not very familiar with the brand other than the searches on this forum and the internet in general.

Again, thanx in advance. This is a great resource!