I am looking for the general subject area of piano music I hear sometimes on the soft stations. It is kind of country/western. It has a kind of delicate more melodic style with fewer chords. It is usually very soft, clear, and with much feeling, I think connected with moods for attempts to convey country moments peace, nostalgia or memories, etc. I am thinking this same style of music will have some good vioin, harmonica, and other solo type music. I am hoping to combine a list of such onto one CD.

Oh, there was a kid I lived next door to in Lake Worth back in 1968; he was about 14. His name was Kevin English. He is probably (if he is still alive) about 54 years old now. He had been playing the piano since he was six. I am thinking in view of the times back then he either got good and had a stable life or died from drug overdose. I am not which. If anyone knows him, tell him rick lynn from Lake Worth, FL said hi. mayfieldga@bellsouth.net

May the music you play have the spirit of feeling and peace.