There will be an interesting evening of music at the Faust Harrison Piano Showroom at 205 West 58th street on November 12, 7:00PM

A British Clarinetist by the name of Peter Furniss will perform works by Leonard Bernstein, and Michael Kaulkin. Also that evening pianist/organist Paul Fejko will perform the Sonata for Piano by Martinu (which was composed for Rudolph Serkin), The Children's Corner by Debussy, and Stravinsky's Piano-Rag-Music.

This should be a rather interesting concert. In particular Mr. Fejko's performance of the Martinu. Serkin introduced the work to Fejko when he was a student at Curtis. Not often performed, but interesting none the less.

Any comments from pianists about this work would be appreciated. Also, if anyone would like to share thoughts about a pianist sharing an evening of music with another instrumentalist would be welcomed.