Note by Note, He Keeps the Silent-Film Era Alive
New York Times: Vincent M. Mallozzi February 14, 2009

(Exerpt) ".....for the last half century, he (Stuart Oderman) has been an accompanist and composer for silent films. Now one of the few remaining masters of that almost-lost art, he has written four books related to the silent era, which he cannot stop talking about."

Betty's Review:
"I really enjoyed this article and the photos. The charming story about meeting Lillian Gish and starting his new career at age 14, which 'rescued' him from the path he was on at an early age.

Wow, the power of finding your passion! I, too, really liked 'silent movies', and then the 'talkies', then the 'musicals'.

I must say the piano player I heard in the silent movies captured my attention just as much as the movie itself. Another one of those events you meet as a child and it influences your future life toward the keyboard."