Hi everybody I am a new member here! such a cool forum and lots of helpful info about buying pianos, cose I am looking for one now! I play for fun and listen to lots of piano music and attend concerts regularly! I was on a Steinway website and saw their news section. In the news they had an article about a russian pianist whom I haven't heard about before. Her name is Lola Astanova, and she is a Steinway artist. I usually know the names of all the "trendy" pianists so I looked her up and found a bunch of articles about her performing with Valery Gergiev. Hmm, he is one of my favorite conductors today, esp. with Prokofiev. I was intrigued! So I listened to her records on itunes and- seriously I haven't heard something like that in a long time!!! Truly unbelievable! Did anybody else hear about her? at all??? I will now try to find out how to hear her live! Honestly when I saw how great she looks, I thought there is no way she plays well! Gosh, was I wrong! If anybody heard her live, please share ur thoughts because I hope it's as good as the record.
Here some info about her:

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