Since I have seen many posts concerning animals, I would like to appeal to all cat lovers. I hope that this post complies with the rules of this forum.

I have accepted to house temporarily two cats that were abandoned by their owners this summer. This is a big problem in Quebec during the "moving" season and all shelters become full of abandoned pets.

At any rate, this was supposed to be a temporary situation, until I could find a good home for these two. The problem is that I did not know that they were pregnant. To make a long story short, there are now seven kittens and two mothers. The kittens are 11 and 9 days. They are really adorable, and I want to make sure that they find good families who will keep them for their whole life, when they are old enough to part with their mother.

So if you have been thinking for a while that perhaps a new pet would be good addition to your family, and if you are willing to have your new friend spayed or neutered, please send me a pm. I live in Longueuil, Quebec, but even if you do not live very close, I will do my best to drive your new friend to its new home if it is not too far.