Thought I share this here, its a new talent contest. Quoted from this site here...
Tampa Film


Just wanted to tell you about Bam Bam Slam- a new online video competition where you can submit your short films, music videos, commercials, animations, video art...and many, many more! There are also over 40 other different video categories... some are talent based performance, some are entertaining accidental shootings.... really, anything you can think of, there's a category for it. If you go to and enter your email address you will be contacted to test the beta version... which means you'll get to enter material for free! (normally there's a $1-10 entry fee for each video you submit, depending on the category).... and you still get to cash in on the prize money, if you win! it's a win/win situation.

This could be great exposure for you and your films/videos... plus, a chance to get selected to be on the reality television talent show that is based on the winners of the online contest...."

I know with out doubt there is a lot of talent here..
I would love to see someone win from the piano world forums..