Ever wondered what a kookaburra sounds like?

Want to use the Roadrunner's "beep beep" as your "you've got mail" sound?

FindSounds can help you find these and hundreds of other sound files on the web.

FindSounds http://www.findsounds.com/ is a specialized search engine for sound effects and musical instrument samples. Unlike some other multimedia search services that help you find songs, radio broadcasts or other types of recorded content on the web, FindSounds is limited to simple sounds and short samples.

All of these sounds are from freely available, non-restricted web pages, and that means you can both listen to and download them to your own computer, using sounds that you find to replace the built-in event sounds in your operating system. You can also use them in your own multimedia creations for interesting effects.

The easiest way to get started finding sounds is to browse the list of sound types http://www.findsounds.com/types.html and simply click on a link for a sound that interests you. Sound types are grouped by category, such as animals, birds, musical instruments, nature, and so on.

Click on a particular sound type -- say the musical instrument taiko
http://www.findsounds.com/ISAPI/search.dll?keywords=taiko -- and you see a standard search result page, with links to the web page where the sound was found.

Note: The above was borrowed from an article
on Search Engine Watch by Chris Sherman, dated Feb. 5, 2004

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