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The “Vanna Spadafora Music Prize” Association in collaboration with Fondazione Arst Academy (International Music Academy in Rome) announces the V editino of International Piano Competition “Vanna Spadafora”, opened to pianists of all nationalites who are not yet thirty-one years old at the date of their application to the competition.
Contest rules and applications form are downloadable HERE
The competition will take place on November 10-15th of 2008 to Arts Academy in Via Antonio G. A. Guattani 17, Rome, Italy.
Contestants should announce their participation by post (including their curriculum) by sending the entry form not later than 20th of October.
The entry fee (non refundable) is Euro 60 and can be paid by postal money order.
I Prize: Euro 5.000. a Diploma, a Claque and a Concert with Orchestra Sinfonica of Rome durino 2008/2009 season
II Prize: Euro 2.500, Diploma and Plaque
III Prize: Euro 1.500, Diploma, Plaque
IV Prize: Euro 1.000 to be given to the youngest finalist
All finalists who do not receive the prize will receive an amount of 300 euro each one ad repayment of expenses.