One thing I just adore about this board is that we've got so many people here with diverse careers and life experiences. Wouldn't it be fun to have threads where we ask various people here questions about their jobs?

Heck, we've got our own resident ER doc, Johnny Moonlight. And there is nothing more scintillating than the practice of emergency medicine, right? I mean, they don't make TV series about *pharmacists,* do they?

So, if Johnny Moonlight is willing, I have a few questions. After Johnny answers whichever of our questions he'd like (skipping any that are too personal, etc.), we could then pick on another CR member. Sound like fun?

OK. Here's what I want to know, JohhMoonlight:

1. Why ER medicine? Was this a life-long dream, or did you wind up in that specialty because of a twist of fate? What other specialties did you consider?

2. On a typical shift, how many patients do you see? How many are totally unnecessary visits? How many are lifethreatening? How common is it to lose a patient, and how does that make you feel? What do patients do that you find most annoying or inappropriate (so we CR patients will have a better idea how to behave)?

3. If you had your career to do over, what would you do differently?

Cindy -- dedicating this thread to MM and therefore hoping it doesn't drop like a stone