I have been offered the purchase of an Everett console piano by an elderly coworker of my dh. She believes her aunt bought it new in 1952 or thereabouts, it has been played and kept in tune, mahogany case. It plays nicely - better and much nicer tone than expected for a console - except for a few sticky keys in the lowest register and I'm wondering if it might be worth my time to have it moved in order to trade in to my (reputable and kindly) local dealer for credit towards my C. Walter studio (he awaits me but alas I am musically rich and cash-ly poor).

I understand the oldest Everetts are great workhorse type instruments for beginners, etc (though lucky me started on a Mason-Ham ; ) Do dealers care for them or is it a bother? I'm guessing I'd get about $500 - $800 for trade-in. She told me she asked a dealer (they hadn't seen it or played it) what they would sell it for and they told her they'd put it on the floor for $1800 - this seems high?

thanks in advance for any replies/advice.