It seems that my beloved hometown, Seattle, is on the hit list for the next wave of terrorist attacks. The Space needle is a target. Documents and pictures and diagrams of the space needle were found in one of the abandoned terrorist caves.
This, however, isn't the only Washington State target. There were also pictures, documents, and diagrams found for a terrorist plot to blow up the Grand Coulee Damm, in Eastern Washington. This is the largest damm on the Columbia River, the largest damm in all of Washington State, at that, and was once the largest damm in the world. It is one of the Untited States top power producers, and holds back hudge amounts of water. The destruction of this damm would not only cause major flooding, but it would hit America's economy really bad, possibly even worse than the World Trade Center. The pressure from the water that would then go casscadeing down the Columbia River would then most likely take out ever damm down stream from it, all the way out to the Pacific Ocean. Then, a major drowt in Eastern Washington would take place, because no irragation would exist there any longer. The massive lake that the damm creates, Banks Lake, would drain, and many people. Samon would probably go extinct in the river, as well. Every town downstream from the damm would be destroyed, and there are many, including a massive Tri-City area near our border with Oregon. It would probably also take out other cities that aren't even on the banks of the river, the flood waters could reach as far as Walla Walla, Washington, which is even closer to our border with Oregon, but away to the east from the river, or maybe even further. Oregon cities that border the river would also be in great danger.
No doubt about it, this could mean big trouble. I hope that both the space needle or the damm are brought down in any terrorist attack. But just the thought that they are targets is nerve racking.

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