Where in the world is Osama bin Laden? According to the Taliban, he has fled the country of Afghanistan. They say that he is now in Pakistan. I for one, don't beleive it. The taliban is now weakend, standing on its last legs, just one strong hold left. They will tell us anything to get rid of us. They are scared and they want us gone so they can reclaim power. However, the pentigon says that a 20 mile radius has been pinpointed in the approximate location of where they think Osama bin Laden is. And, Osama bin Laden's followers are under strict orders to kill him if he is in danger of being caught by anyone who they consider to be the enemy. But 20 Miles! Thats a mighty big area and it will not be as easy as finding Waldo, or Carman Sandiago. This is something that will take a while, and in the mean time, we are pounding the Taliban right out of Afghanistan. Well, I say that we can take on both projects at once, and complete them both as well. Because it is not a matter of if we will catch him, but when. I say give it about another 3 months to a year and we will have not only found bin Laden but we will have also gotten rid of the taliban and have gotten new and better government in.

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