Recalling 911

by Rose Lake

A monstrous crash! Two soaring towers –
vast cradles in which dreams were born
and raised – struck down in desperate hours,
an infamous and bloody morn.

The doctors flew, the cry 'code-red,'
a nation gripped, in horror mired –
as nurses ran and donors bled,
then wept when blood was not required.

Before the towers' final crash,
which left New York awash in haze,
some leapt, or turned, and turned to ash –
Still, heroes' boots traversed the maze.

With quickened step, their deeds would save
the rising breath of life in those
who honor all the free and brave
who rescued men from evil foes…

while in a vicious sister-plot,
another plane forced from the sky –
where heroes' conduct, not forgot',
still echoes in that famous cry:

"Let's roll!" his call still beckons bold
and living men who choose to fight
for happiness and life – we hold
this creed as sacred – as our right.

Now thousands never will return,
their lives at end – but not their worth –
for living men can ever learn
from heroes who have walked the earth.

Blind faith and force destroy Man's goals –
reducing them to dancing chaff
left floating over blackened holes –
by fire made light as specters laugh…

and prance in streets – appalling ghouls!
whose ignorant and grisly aims
hold heaven prize for gruesome fools
that murder men and die in flames.

Oh drifting ashes, ghastly snow –
eclipse the meek and evil path.
Let Reason's breath ignite the glow
of Justice, gleaming – grim with wrath.

Beneath the wrecks, obscured by dust,
there burns the vibrant soul of Man.
His cause, Man's life on earth, is just!
Where Justice reigns, her soul commands:

Arise and fight, hear Freedom's chord!
Hold sacred enterprising dreams –
with lucid fury, wield my sword
that's torn its sheath and burst the seams!

Crush evil states without remorse.
In bloody consequences mire,
regimes that strike, or threaten force
against the free – scorch them with fire.

With mind and force, defend Man's right
to build his earthly towers high –
in Freedom's reign, by Reason's light –
"My life!" Man's greatest battle cry.


© 2007 by Rose Lake

Printed with permission. All rights reserved.