Before I post my story, please note that this is not haha funny, but suspicious funny.

Earlier today, I was in a Seattle Map Store (located in Downtown Seattle). Everyone was minding their own business, looking through maps and map books. The store was pretty much dead silent. (Of course there was the usual quiet chatter that you would find anywhere). When, all of a sudden, the silence was broken. A man had walked up to a clerk and asked, in a loud enough voice that everyone in the store could hear, "Do you have any maps that show the altitude of the Downtown buildings?" The very second that this was said, everyone immediantly halted what they were doing, and completely turned their attention to who had spoken. It was some guy who couldn't be any more then 20 years old (he was caucasion). It wouldn't have been such a suspicious question normally, but after all that has happened, it just seemed strange that anyone would want to know the altitude of downtown skyscrapers. Could he be working on the inside for some terrorist? Or could have been something a lot more simple, like a tourist who was just interested in the area skyscrapers. What ever it was, it just seemed a bit funny/suspicious.

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