I own a breathtaking Knabe piano, fully restored and playable. he case is Rosewood, and there are some dents and knicks in it. I don't know if I could part with it, as it has been in my family for almost fifty years. No one who has tuned it--and it holds its tone very well--has been able to tell me about it. the serial number is 13356 and I'm sure it was made in the 1870s. I know it's not a fantastic piano, but it has a sweet voice. If anyone knows the value of this piano, pplease let me know.

By the way, one of my ancestors, Alpheus Bab****, was responsible for two improvements in the pianos of his day--I think one was an improvement in the harp and the other was felt pads on the hammers. I have dreams of finding a Bab**** piano rusting in someone's barn or loft someday, but I believe all of them have been accounted for and are in museums. Id love to know more about this. And do you think, with all this piano heritage, I am a pianist. Sadly, I have never learned to read music, thoough I keep hoping.

I have no idea what some of this hi-tech stuff is. What are URLs and instant gremlins.

Ann Bab****