I am new to this site. I posted the below message in another forum, Digital Pianos, Synths and Keyboards, and then found this organ site and decided to copy to this site also.

The Keyboard is not like an Organ.....no pedals to deal with, except for the sustain..I don't know about all the other organ specific settings.... but I thought I might be able to get help from readers in this forum also. Thanks for any suggestions.

After 50 years, the dance band we had in high school decided to get back together for our 50th graduation ceremony, last Memorial Day. I had not done any public playing since high school and so had a lot of catching up to do...the other guys, drum, trombone, sax, and trumpet had stayed in music all these years. I played piano.

First big change was to use a Keyboard, JV 90, because we were going to not only play for the reunion dance, we were going to be in the parade, and getting a piano on a float was a lot harder than getting a keyboard there.

Well....I relearned a lot, and learned a lot about the Keyboard, we had a great time, and now we are going back next Memorial Day to do the same for another graduation.

One of the new arrangements we want to do is taken from a recording of a song using an organ, with a 20 bar organ solo. I put the JV-90 in Organ Mode, and played it and recorded it and it sounds terrible. I put the JV-90 back to piano mode, played it and it sounds great.

When I use the organ mode, it sounds ok to me as I am playing it, but when I record and play it back it sounds like all the notes and chords are overlapping, and, basically sounds terrible.

I realize that in organ mode the notes are sustained as long as hold down the key, and so I guess it is going to be in technique.

The Question! What pointers can some of you out there who play both piano and organ give me to help me make this transition?

Thanks for any help