Ok gang I finally got my digial piano...I purchase the Yam P80 lst,,,I took it back I like the natural heavy weighted keys..but not enough voices and wasn't the sound I wanted. The 2nd piano i brought was the Yam S80..oh,,that was the piano and the sounds were rich and the heavy weighted keys weigh me down..that was 53 lbs.it had midis and everything a musician wanted..well,,it was a little over my head. I dont do any studio recording..so I ended up takin it back too, well, the 3rd one was a Roland RS-9..well after hearing the yam S80..the sounds sounds like they had be watered down..but, only 23lbs..I took it back cause my fingers kept sliding off the keys and it was the light weighted. I really tried to get a Roland in my price range but,,they had nothing in my area that I was happy with..Well, the 4th finale one was neither one of the aboves {1,2, or 3}..haha. Now, I have my Yam P120...I like it..I figure later I can add more voices with the module and another nice speaker. Its a nice..brown wood top..very nice looking. I have a few more voices then the p80..but. I made just purchase the Yam S80 to get the sounds it had..then I will really be on the piano all day. It weights a little more but, who cares..41 lbs..Now Iam happy with my heavy weighted keys and chop alot now. Oh, by the way the guys said to me in the music store..this is your last piano..lady.so u must make up your mind..haha..I said well iam very tired and i have 4 days left before my receipt {2weeks was my timelimit of returnables} expire.