Hello all!

We have a church client who just purchased a new Yamaha MPC3 (Midi Piano C3) to use in the worship service. The goal is to play acoustic piano but also to have other voices be played by the piano.

They also have a Yamaha DSR1 (Digital Sequencer/Recorder). It did not store settings for voices and was difficult to roll the knob quickly to the voices needed.

We just added a Yamaha MU50 tone generator module, too, but have not learned how to set it up yet. It has performance settings which I think should save settings.

The pianist is used to using a digital piano with registration memory buttons. She wants some similar way to set up different voices or save settings to buttons that can be easily triggered during the worship service.

She could either set up the specific hymn settings/voice before each service and assign them each to a button; or she needs to set up a set of buttons that would be general settings - like button 1 is strings, button 2 is church organ, etc.

We want to try to say with Yamaha products because they like the Yamaha voices already.

Is the MU-50 the way to go?

Are there little boxes with assignable buttons we can add?

The solution we seek must be simple and easy to learn for people without much midi experience.

Thank you in advance for any ideas!

Brant Barron

Lancaster Piano Company
Gainesville, GA

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