I am a piano player who has played for 10 years or so, mainly for recreation in the home, and no longer have access to a piano. Therefore I was thinking of getting a new digital one. cool

Having never owned a digital piano, I'm not sure how much I'd use all the features that can tend to come with them, but really like the look of the Roland KR series, in particular the KR-5. The best deal I have seen is for 2,300 (in the UK). (If anyone knows of a better deal than this, then I'm all ears!)

I was just about to buy one, but then I read the technical spec and the comments on this board. Namely, I'm mainly worried about the polyphony and the speakers. It has 64 note polyphony and 2x30W speakers. Is that enough? After reading SteveY's post of March 06, 2002 under the topic "Any input for Roland digital pianos?", I'm starting to think perhaps not.

It will only be used as a "toy", for a bit of fun in my spare time, but I don't want it to sound crap! However, there is a vast difference in price between the KR5 and the next model up, the KR7, when the main difference between them is the polyphony. (I have seen the KR7 for around 3,200, and don't think I can justify a budget of this size!)

I would be interested in other people opinions on this.


Note that I'm restricting my choice to the Roland KR series as I love the touch screen that displays the score (and obviously like the feel, look and sound of it). The Yamaha CVP series has a screen that looks extremely complex and daunting, and I have a gut feeling to avoid Technics altogether!

The last point is the speakers. I'm not sure how loud 2x30W speakers will go without sounding distorted. They sounded a bit on the quiet side in the shop, but that was a big, noisy department store, so they are bound to sound better in the home. Presumably, I could always connect it up to my stereo if I wanted a sound boost anyway?

Thanks in advance for anyone's opinions on this.

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