Just got a new FP4. Found quite some difficulty trying to update the firmware using a Mac, due to bugs in Roland tech support info. Managed to update successfully. Thought I'd post this for others having trouble, since I sent info to Roland about the missing links and tech support didn't understand what I was saying:

Finding link to FP4 downloads via http://www.roland.com is easy.

Clicking on the link for the Mac version of FP-4 system program ver. 1.04 downloads ONLY the midi file. The instructions on the page are correct and clear.

BUT two other files are needed as described, and they are hiding:
1. "Roland Digital Piano driver"

The version for FP-2,etc works. Without it it appears the FP-4 will not recognise it is connected to the Mac and the status display will not change from "UPD" (Update) to "rdy" (ready).


2. "Simple SMF player" UpdSMF_10.tar.gz

The version listed for RD-700SX works. It is a little unlabelled 55kB download after the other download buttons. To get there one has to look for the page for "RD-700SX System Version 1.06". I tried using a generic midi player to do the update but it was hard to tell if it was working, because it takes several minutes and the player didn't have a progress bar, which UpdSMF does have.


Hope this helps someone else


----What I sent to Roland (hoping they could fix the links)----
(Admittedly my description is a bit sketchy but the Roland's email support page is size limited so I couldn't say any more.)

Question: To update firmware on Mac, http://www.roland.com lists only the link to the compressed fp4_v104.mid file. Instructions on updating describe the process, but files needed are not linked.
The Roland digital piano driver for OSX appears to be needed - the one from FP2 works. http://www.roland.com/products/en/_support/dld.cfm?ln=en&dsp=0&iCncd=195
The UpdSMF program is probably required, as it reports update status. The program is the last link on the download page for RD700SX system version download.


If you scroll all the way to the bottom of the page, you will see an option for the Mac version download.

Use this link:


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