I promised to make a post-NAMM report in an earlier thread (like I'm some kind of authority -- yeah right). For what it's worth, here it is:

I (and most people I talked to) felt it was a down year for technology although there was record attendance so I'm told. Although some new keyboards were introduced, nothing ground-breaking. And though there was really nothing spectacular in the recording world, there were a couple of products that folks on this board might be interested in.

The first is the US-224 from Tascam. It's a digital audio workstation controller and USB interface. It looks like a mini-mixing board and has two microphone preamps as well as instrument inputs. It has four faders, a 16-channel MIDI interface, Steinberg Cubasis VST software for Mac or PC, and allows you to record 8 channels of audio at 24-bit resolution. I didn't write down the list price, but I believe it's in the $399 range which is absolutely incredible!!!

Similar is the M-Box from Digidesign. For the uninitiated, Digidesign is the Steinway of digital recording. Their Pro-Tools system is the state-of-the-art platform that is used on countless professional recordings. The M-Box is a small, USB desktop audio interface that has two Focusrite mic preamps (really great sounding preamps), S/PDIF digital outs, and ships with Pro Tools LE software (which is really cool as well). List price is $495 (pretty great value).

As for the pianos, I'm afraid I didn't get to see everything I wanted. They need to have an extra day in the show specifically for pianos!!! As one might expect, my previous biases took over. I liked the pianos I've liked in the past, and was underwhelmed by the pianos that have played similarly in the past.

But the best part of the show was the fact that I actually got to wear short sleeves!!!

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