Was in one of the local music stores, and saw the PX100. Didn't try it out, since it seemed somewhat expensive--converting local currency to USD it would be somewhat in excess of 1200 dollars, but I could probably find it in the UK cheaper. So I wondered how it fares as an instrument to accompany other musicians?
I have an old piano that serves me well enough for practicing on, but it can't be tuned to concert pitch, only relatively. But I'd really like to be able to play with my brother who's a clarinettist, and various other musicians in church and what-not.
I have a small General Music 61 key touch-sensitive keyboard, but I get frustrated with 61 keys and non-weighting--very much so in fact.
Any views on the subject would be extremely helpful--how it sounds with other instruments, or is it purely a matter of taste?


Another piano-playing organist and organ-playing pianist.