I have an acoustic grand (Estonia). The only reason why I want a digital is to print out my piano arrangements on Finale print music program. My arrangements are extremely intricate and fancy and are too complicated to enter by hand, and I want to play them in.

I need 88 keys and want a normal, connected damper pedal (not just a wire and a pedal that moves and slips away) I also want a stable stand,not just a wobbly one.

I don't need any different tones. I would like transposing on it. I also want weighted, normal feeling keys. I wouldn't be able to play my arrangements normally with too light of keys.

A friend has suggested I should get one with a CD-rom disk thing on it too. I'm afraid that will really up the price.

Basically, can you all recommend the best digital piano for the cheapest price for what I need. I would prefer to stay under $1,000. Is it possible to get a CD thing with it for that price?

The only real playing that will be done on it besides putting in midi is two-piano duets practice on very rare occasions.

If you name a prospective piano, can price and the best place to get it also be mentioned if that is allowed?

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