Can anyone help me with suggestions?

I have been using an old Korg SG1D as MIDI controller, which still sounds great and works great with hardware modules. But recently bought Synthogy Ivory piano software and some Native Instruments orchestral packages and the sounds are wonderful when played through my Apple G5 but when playing through Korg SG1D, comes "muffled", not bright at all and have to hit the keyboard really hard to get some sort of descent dynamic (but still don't get a good sound and it's not bright at all, unless you are playing ppp).

So I bought a M-Audio Keystation 88es, connected through USB. The sound comes brighter but the keyboard feel and touch are bad (very toy like) and dynamic is not the best, if you hit hard, the sounds cranks, if plays soft, there's a delay, plus the keys have and external clinking noise when played hard. Could never be used for live recording in a studio.

Then, went back to the store and played on both Yamaha P90 and Roland FP2, although, the Yamaha had a better piano feel and sounds, didn't have much MIDI options and no USB so bought the Roland. The somehow softer feel of the Roland vs the harder one of the Yamaha, isn't a problem because will use it also for playing attack strings and percussion. I am mainly a piano player (not professional) and do play very fast and syncopated rhythms so will need something that's not so heavy on the hands (for the long hours of play) but still want the piano feel (not synth) with nice attack and definitely the 88 keys. I won't be using any of the internal sounds or speakers, since is just for MIDI controller that will play the piano and orchestra sounds from the Mac software samples.

It seem like the Yamaha P90 or P120 are favorites in this forum, but has anyone really used it as MIDI controller for software synth and samplers? In the FP2 manual, it says that it is GM2 compatible. Wouldn't that be better for my purpose? Isn't the P90 a bit harder in your hands for long hours playing?

What are my other options? Any other suggestions? My price range is $1.000 or less.

Thanks... smile