I came across this software which might be of value to all those people who own digital stage pianos or home digitals without accompaniment but wished they had it. (eg: You purchased a Clavinova CLP but wanted the features of a CVP)

It's called "One Man Band" and appears to have the capabilities to perform auto accompaniment using Yamaha style files. It runs on just about any Windows OS and has all the features you could want.


The best part is the price ($50 USD) which is a lot less than the difference between a CLP and a CVP (assuming you already have a suitable computer, sound card and speakers.

This seems to work just as well for all you P60/90/120/250 users who wish they had a Tyros as well.

I haven't tried it but there is a demo version for download so I'll give a review when I get some spare time.


This isn't limited to Yamaha gear as it simply uses MIDI messages to read chord changes.