Hi. I know this topic hasn't been replied to for nearly two months, but there's something I wanted to say.
Well, I'm 53. I started playing when I was 6, mostly by ear and eventually took lessons during which I went through the curriculum in record time. I was quite an accomplished pianist by the age of 12. I kept up playing classical and other music until about ten years ago.
What happened?? One word: "computer".
When they came out, I spent all my spare time at my computer keyboard rather than the piano. Now, I can't read music very well and I'm extremely "rusty".
Thank God I have realized what I've done to my piano abilities. As I mentioned on another post, I've just bought a new Roland FP5 and I'm going to get myself back to how good I was then, no matter what. Piano is a wonderful instrument and I really feel bad that I let myself slip that bad. The new digitals are darn close to acoustics when it comes to touch, etc., and I'm going to practice until I can make Chopin proud of me again.
Thanks and good playing, no matter what your age.