Hey fellow pianists! \:\)

I just bought a Yamaha YDP-160 last night and I'm sooo excited about it!

I started learning the piano since I was 6 and stopped when I was 12 because we needed to move. Since then, I was just playing here and there without any formal lessons. Now, I'm 29 and excited to get back to playing hard core again! [Big Grin]

My options were the YDP-140 and Casio AP-400/45/500. I also thought of getting the CLP-300 series but they were over my budget range. After weeks of research, I believe the YDP-160 was the best choice given my situation.

I just wanted to know fellow pianists who owns the Yamaha YDP-160 and what are your experiences with it.

PBJ ( Maybe someday I'll be able to afford a baby grand \:\) )
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