Hey, thought I'd just post one last time.

Got the P120S today. Wonderful board, feels great (better than 70/140 and 140 in my opinion), and has a nicer aesthetic than the 140.

Sounds great, though 140 might be better in that area. I very much like the fact that all the connections are on the far left side, MUCH more intuitive for my setup, though I can see how it might be seen as a negative thing.

Final price was $700CAD (board and pedal) which included delivery. Got the person to sign a 3 month thingy stating that they'd return my money in full in the event of any problem.

Anyway, thanks a lot to everyones advice. Definitely worth it. My first piano lesson is next week (trial lesson with the teacher), but I'm relearning scales right now with fervor.