Hi! Everyone:

Having been playing piano for over 20 years, I am looking for something that is around $2000 and with realistic key action.

Recently, I narrowed down my choices to Kawai CA770 and Roland HP7, and I'd like your opinon on these two...

Kawai 770:
- a local dealer offered me for $2000 (new, orginally $4950)
- I like the key action, the wooden key and the sound

- could be old model, don't know what year was CA770 first came out
- Kawai might depreciate more thank Roland?!!!

Roland HP7:
- the latest and top of the HP line
- Roland seems to be the most popular brand for digital piano

- the best deal is at an European site: pianodepot.com. ($2024+shipping) Therefore, I probably won't get the warrantee in US
- I have only tried HP2 and HP337 so far - the key action is fine, but I prefer if it is heavier and the cabinet doesn't feel as sturdy as other brands

So, my questions are:

- is the KawaiCA770 a really old model?
- has anyone tried HP7? Is the key action heavier than HP337?
- which one will you choose?

Your input is greatly appreciated!!!!