I went to the piano shop today to test the Yamaha CLP-170 and CLP-990 along with some Rolands.
Roland is out of the question, their keyboards are inferior to those of Yamaha.

The keyboard of the CLP-170 was also disappointing imho. OK, the sound was nice compared to the CLP-990 (but the 990's sound is OK too!), but those plastic keys are soooo "jumpy". The CLP was far more realistic AND heavier, which was one of the reasons I needed a new piano btw.

Now the only decision I have to make is whether to buy the KAWAI CA 1200 or the YAMAHA CLP-990. Since I haven't found a store yet, which has them both in their showroom, I'm not able to compare them... Is there anyone who has been able to compare them head to head?
If the price doesn't matter at all, what's the best choice?

Thanks in advance,

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