I have been a beginner Adult player for many years (still beginner) and have had several various Digital pianos along the way. I hope at some point to be good enought to critique things like many of you.

But I think most beginners would be fine with many of the various models from the top 3 (Yamaha, Roland & Kawai). All their Digital Pianos attemp to give you a truly weighted keyboard with a good piano sound, along with some other extras. And I assume like myself many never take if very far.

I live in an Apt. so Digital is my logical choice. Besides the many options they offer that standard pianos do not. No to mention the large difference in weight.

Digital Pianos: 90-150lbs
54" Yamaha upright: 450 lbs
4' 11" Yamaha Grand: 550lbs
Yamaha 6' 1" Grand : 700lbs

Given my thoughts and for some reasons beyond my control, I have 2 choices:

Kawai CN2: $1000, deleveried, setup
Kawai CN3 $1500, deliveried, setup

Can anyone justify the extra $500 for the CN3?