A little bit about my background:

Qualified to Grade 8 (Royal Schools of Music, UK)
Currently in Sydney, Australia cool
Type of residence: 2-bedroom apartment, 90 m2.
Bought Kawai CA51 for AU$2,900 (delivered)
Last played a piano: 6 yrs ago (!) Time to get back into it!

I tried a fair few digital piano models: Roland FP-4/FP7/HP101/HP201, Kawai ES4/CN31/41, Kawai CL30, Yamaha CLP230 and PX120.

In the end, what made me decide on the CA51 was the wooden keys. None of the other keyboard came remotely close to replicating the feel and touch of an acoustic piano but the Kawai Concert Artist series comes pretty close!

I also decided to get a digital piano proper instead of a keyboard like the Roland FP-4/7 series, Kawai ES4 or the Yamaha PX120. I liked the solidity of a proper piano frame and even the keyboards, with their stands or custom frames, still felt "shaky".

The Kawai sound is good. The brilliance can be adjusted to your liking from super bright, to very mellow. The build quality, the feel of the buttons are also very good. Played Lake Louise (Yukhi Kuramaoto), Entertainer (S. Joplin), some popular contemporary songs, and it was terrific!

The supplied stool is adequate. Not leather (what do you expect! laugh ) but feel comfortable at least after 2-3 hours of continuous playing.

So, so far so good. I shall add more to this review with time. Hope this helps some of you who are thinking of getting this or the other pianos in the Kawai Concert Artist series smile

Now I have to decide on a pair of decent headphones. Have been thinking about the Sennheiser HD555. Thoughts anybody?